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About the artist: Born in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1959, was stricken with ulcerative colitis at the age of fourteen. He has overcome the threats of this disease, nearly dying at the age of 23, with strength and courage. He lives a full life even until today at the age of 59. He has been painting since 1988 and his works hang all over the United States, around the world and even on television. Five of his prints reside at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH. His portrait of President George H W Bush hangs in the George Bush Presidential Library. The National Aviary and the Senator John Heinz History Center Museum Shop display his art. The prints of his original of Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright are sold at the Fallingwater Museum Store.

Johno is heavily invested in helping many charities through his works, especially the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Johno demonstrates how one can aspire to greatness despite serious obstacles in his path.

If you would like to see more of Johno’s work, please visit his website at johnosart.com.

An Explanation of the Home Page Painting

In October of 1990, Thomas Rutkoski, founder of Gospa Missions, asked artist, Johno Prascak, to travel with his group to experience the holy pilgrimage to Medjugorje.


Thomas had met to Johno through his position at KDKA TV in Pittsburgh. When he saw Johno’s paintings, he was impressed. Everything was about Medjugorje for Thomas in 1990, so he commissioned Johno to join Gospa Missions’ upcoming trip, and then to transfer onto canvas his innermost feelings and impressions about this little village, where the Mother of God is reported to be visiting.

This painting is the result of that pilgrimage.

It was during a visit to the top Mt Krizevac (Cross Mountain) with Thomas’s whole group that Johno saw what he wanted to paint. He saw the faces of many suffering souls of purgatory in the rocks scattered around the summit of Mt Krizevac. In the cluster of pilgrims clinging to each other in prayer, he witnessed the souls longing to be drawn closer to God.

He placed the Blessed Mother in a stormy sky, hovering over and watching over the group of pilgrims as they prayed at the foot of her Son’s cross.

The original painting is 3 ft x 5 ft and its unique texture is derived from mixing sand, soil and ground rocks collected from the mountains and hills surrounding Medjugorje.

This magnificent work of art hangs in the headquarters of Gospa Missions.

Thomas believed, and we believe, that Johno has captured on canvas the true feeling of Medjugorje. And Johno confirms that this experience with Thomas and this pilgrimage turned him back to God and the Blessed Mother. It has changed his life by helping him become a much stronger Catholic.